Frequently Asked Questions

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With the term “an open network” means that multiple, different service providers have the opportunity to sell their services in the specific network. Then, you as a customer have the possibility to choose from several connected providers, based on the services, the technical standard and the price you want.
You will find the service providers that sells services in the open network by clicking on "Contact us" in the menu.
Prices and terms are determined by each service provider. More information is available in connection to each service offering.
You should contact you service provider if you are experiencing problems with your subscription / connection. In order to better identify where the problem is, you need to consider some questions: 1. Have you connected your network cable directly into your data socket? Or are you using a router (or another kind of wireless connection)? In this case, do you experience the same problem if you connect a network cable directly to the data socket? 2. Have you tried to change your network cable? 3. At which time during the day do you experience the problem? Do you experience the problem at a particular time of the day or constant? In order to facilitate their error search, it is good if you give them as much information as possible. If the service provider then determines that the fault lies with us, they will contact us.
You should use a "straight-through" network cable (TP-cable) with a RJ-45 connector when you connect your computer to the data socket. If you are uncertain which cable you have, please contact your reseller.