Hana – Phone Service


Phone Service for work. Now you can get different phone numbers for each employee and or department.  You can have one phone number for everything.  Transfer to your home, mobil or landline, YYou can have your number ring to a service or voicemail.

Hana basically means work. So this is the perfect package for your business. No matter if it is in a office or at home.

1. nvt. Work, labor, job, employment, occupation, duty, office, activity, function, practice, procedure, process, deal, incident, reason, action, act, deed, task, service, behavior; to work, labor, do, behave, commit, make, manufacture, create, transact, perform, prepare, happen; to develop, as a picture; to have a love affair (FS 115); to induce by sorcery; to handle (as a court case); to conduct (as a class). (Translated by many English words, but seldom by ‘work’.) Cf. hana wale, Puk. 12.47, and many examples below. Hana ʻia, made, completed, wrought. Ka haʻi ʻana i ka hana aku, active voice. Poʻe hana, workers, employees. Maikaʻi ka hana, well done. Hana ā maikaʻi, fix. Ka haʻi ʻana i ka hana ʻia mai, passive verb. I … hana, when; as; while; at the time that. I hele aku kona hana, ua lilo ka pāpale, when he went, the hat was gone. Mea hana, tool; task; offering to ʻaumākua gods. Ke hana mai ʻo Pele i kāna hana, when Pele does her work. Ka hana ia a ka loea, ʻo ke akamai paheʻe ʻulu (chant), that is the way an expert does, smart in bowling. ʻO ka hana, ua hana ʻia. the work has been done [a completed task]. Hana maikaʻi i ka ʻāina, clear the soil well. ʻAʻohe kona he maʻi maoli, he maʻi hana ʻia, his is not a natural sickness, it is induced by sorcery. Hana ʻia maila ka wai ā ʻono (Puk. 15.25), the waters were made sweet. hoʻo.hana To use, employ, cause to work, carry out, administer, manage, encourage; use, employment, management, administration. Luna hoʻohana, manager, administrative head. Noho hoʻohana, to act or serve as manager. Nā mea hoʻohana, tools, implements, or anything to work with. (PNP sanga; cf. Fijian).


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